Millimeter Wave Spectrum Analyzer:

 Insight Product Co. offers the 90-200 GHz spectrum analyzer for frequency measurements of millimeter wave generators of continuous or pulsed signals.
The spectrum analyzer includes calibrated balanced mixer, and millimeter wave frequency synthesizer.

Customer may use their own microwave spectrum analyzer up to 26 GHz (Agilent or Rhode&Schwartz model) to operate the system.

Mixer input frequency range:  90- 200 GHz
Synthesizer operates in frequency range: 115-175 GHz
Synthesizer Frequency resolution: 100 Hz
Intermediate Frequency (IF) range: 100 MHz-25 GHz
Mixer losses: 10 dB
Maximum input signal level at input of mixer: +4 dBm
Minimum detected signal at 10 kHz band:  -110 dBm
Dynamic range: 104 dB at 10 kHz band

Assuming customer uses Agilent or Rhode & Schwartz Microwave Spectrum Analyzer up to 26 GHz:
Phase Noise: -105 dB/Hz at 10 kHz offset
-105 dB/Hz  at 100 kHz offset
-117 dB/Hz at 1 MHz offset
Frequency Step: 1 GHz
Long term frequency stability 10-7 delta f/f per year.
Level of non-harmonic component: not more than -60 dB

Module 1 size & weight: 370х260х155 mm, 8.5 kg
Module 2 size & weight: 320х190х155 mm, 6.0 kg
Controlled by PC.

Photo of Insight Frequency Synthesizer


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